Cabin Master Bedroom Update

Cabin Master Bedroom Update

We’ve talked a lot about the cabin kitchen project, but when we were there for two weeks in July we were also able to work on putting together all the other rooms, at least a little bit. It’s all still a major work in progress, of course, but the most complete room at this point is the master bedroom. It also happens to be my very favorite room in the whole place. For now!

* before *

The first thing we did was paint the wall behind the bed a nice, creamy, slightly warm-but-not-at-all-yellow white called “Swiss Coffee” from Valspar. Ok, no, the FIRST thing we did was rip all the black plastic garbage bags off the windows, yuck! Swiss Coffee is a color we’d actually used in the office of our old house and I immediately thought of it when I saw this room.

It’s also the perfect neutral backdrop for that a-maz-ing vintage C. Jere brutalist metal sailboat sculpture that we hung behind the bed. I honestly have no idea if it’s authentic or a reproduction or even a big fat fake and I couldn’t care less. It’s pretty awesome and the second I saw it on a local midcentury resale account on Instagram, I knew it was PERFECT for our 1970s cabin. I was naturally a little nervous about hanging something so… pointy … above a bed! But there are a whole bunch of anchors holding it in place and we also pulled the bed away from the wall, so it’s all very, very secure. It might actually be permanent, haha, and I’m totally ok with that.

I absolutely LOVE the CB2 bed we chose. So much so that we considered buying the exact same one for our regular home! (But maybe that’s a bit excessive, right?) It’s low and cool and modern and looks just right. This large, open room with its wall of windows and wall of wood could feel pretty impersonal and unwelcoming, so I like that the upholstered headboard adds some softness.

The crewel throw pillow from Pendleton is another of my favorite things. When I first saw it, it immediately reminded me of a sunrise over the lake, just like you can see from the master bedroom windows.

Hi Ruby!

For nightstands I didn’t want anything clunky and heavy, and since it’s a vacation rental we don’t really need drawers and storage next to the bed. I saw these cute, inexpensive side tables with a blue leaf print at Target and thought they would be fun way to add color and pattern when most of our other elements are really neutral. The legs almost disappear and don’t add any heavy visual space.

The sconces were also a Target find and the absolute deal of the century. I had my eye on them for a while, happened to notice they were on clearance, were totally sold out at almost every store, and I miraculously found two of them at the Target near my in-laws’ house! Woohoo for only spending $50 on BOTH! I think they’re so cute, and the accordion actually works.

We also replaced a pendant light at the top of the stairs with this cute fisherman’s net-inspired light also from Target … are you sensing a Target theme here, haha. I didn’t even realize how much of this came from there until now that I’m writing it all out. Since the cabin was designed to look like a ship, and it’s right on the lake, our goal is to have nods to nautical decor without being too in your face obvious. You’ll have to let me know if I get carried away. I tend to get carried away!

There’s still more we want to do in here, but it’s BY FAR the most finished room in the cabin and a real sanctuary from the chaos everywhere else. In fact, I want this room to always feel like a sanctuary. It’s such an absolutely stunning space, and probably 50% of the reason we bought the house. It feels good — and exciting! — to have one room so close to finished. What do you think of what we’ve done in here so far?!

Sources:wall color: Valspar Swiss Coffee

bed: CB2 Drommen Acacia Wood Bed

mattress: Tuft & Needle
quilt: Target Project 62
nightstands: Target Opalhouse sconces: Target, no longer available

blue striped blanket (so, so cozy): Target

throw pillow: Pendleton from Nordstrom
pendant light: Leanne Ford for Target
wall sculpture: vintage, via the_cleveland_chop_shop
(Let us know if we forgot to include anything!)

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