Cabin Progress: The Living Room

Cabin Progress: The Living Room

Hi guys! Tuesday was my birthday so I skipped our normal post, but I didn’t want to skip today too (even though I think my birthday deserves to be celebrated ALL week haha!). It’s been fun sharing with you all of our cabin progress, from the kitchen to the master bedroom, and it means so much to us to hear your positive reactions! It’s sometimes hard for us to see the forest for the trees when it comes to making progress there, between only being able to get up to the cabin once a month (when we’re lucky) plus just the slow nature of renovating and decorating, it often feels like we’re not making any progress at all, so when we hear that you guys are liking the things we’ve done so far, it just is so great — thank you!

Today I have a super duper quick update for you about the living room. We didn’t get many photos and nothing is remotely “done,” but I wanted to show you how it’s looking now … and actually, since these photos were taken, the walls have been painted, thanks to Andy’s amazingly helpful and awesome parents who were up last week painting.

If you need a reminder, here’s a view of the living room BEFORE:

And here’s that same view now:

Well that’s an improvement!

That nastyyyy old couch was supposedly designed by the architect, but as far as we could tell it was just a regular couch with the legs taken off … and a pretty serious mouse infestation inside YUCKKKKKKKKK! So that went straight to the trash along with all the mouse poop (we didn’t see any live mice thankfully) and we replaced it with a much improved, super cool sofa from Crate and Barrel with wood arms, which looks a lot more like it could have actually been custom designed for this room. Again, we just left the legs off so that it could sit directly on the stone…. and we have a mouse control program in effect, haha! I can’t wait to have more/better pictures because it just looks a million times better. Take my word for it.

I’m glad because this sofa caused so much drama. We ordered it in mid-April. It got delivered while we were picking up the Uhaul — on June 27. To say I was panicking is an understatement. We really didn’t want to have to rent another Uhaul just for this one thing if it got delivered late, because those things aren’t cheap. I sent so many frantic emails to customer service, but it all worked out in the end, THANK GOODNESS.

On the other side of the room, outside of the sunken living room area is an awkward space that we aren’t really sure how the architect intended it to be used. Normally everything he did was so obvious and deliberate so it’s odd that we can’t figure out what he intended over here or maybe something has been changed since, but we decided to make it a reading nook that can also act as an extension of the living room. Here it was BEFORE on the left:

(The floor isn’t actually darker over there, it’s just a shadow.)

Here it is now:

Here we put a daybed that folds out to a queen-sized bed (or technically an “oversized-queen” they call it), for extra seating AND extra sleeping. It’s a nice spot to sit and read and there’s also a direct view to the TV, which will be mounted over the fireplace (not my ideal spot but it’s the only place that makes sense). I love that we took this awkward corner and turned it into a comfy, cute spot to hang out!

So here’s to making a bit of progress even when it’s slow! We’ll continue to keep you updated as we go and hopefully you’re enjoying the little peeks into the process instead of having to wait for all of the beautiful finished photos … because you might have to wait a while! haha

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