Summer of the Burrito; aka Burrito Summer

Summer of the Burrito; aka Burrito Summer

It is well known throughout the (Cleve)land that I am the tri-state area’s premier burrito eater. In my prime I was eating three to five burritos a week. These days, I’m down to one or two a week. What can I say? Nobody’s perfect.

The problem is, I eat at the same places all the time. My favorite is Ohio City Burrito (pictured above from 2+ years ago), which is a five minute walk from our house. Kerry’s (new) favorite is Fresco Mexican Grill and Salsa Bar, which opened very recently about ten minutes away, by car.  So those are our two go-tos. But we got to thinking the other day … maybe we should try somewhere else.

The problem, though, is that we just weren’t familiar with other burrito places. So Kerry took to Facebook, Twitter and Yelp to find out where the best burrito places in Cleveland are. With the weather (finally) getting nicer, we’ve decided to declare this the Summer of the Burrito, aka Burrito Summer, and we’re going to try out as many new burrito places as we can. We always say this isn’t a food blog, but hey, it’s called Burritos and Bubbly and I love burritos. So get ready for a lot of burritos. IN YOUR FACE!

On to the burritos! Here are the places we’ve tried, but will be included in our upcoming reviews.

Ohio City Burrito – This is my favorite place (so far). A build your own burrito style that is just too darn good. Plus one time, when their power went out right when we were trying to pay, the woman ringing us out (who is the owner) said, “You guys are in here all the time. This one’s on us.”

Fresco Mexican Grill and Salsa Bar – Apparently this is a staple in Kent, with all the college kids, and they recently opened a location in Rocky River. We’ve been three times in three weeks. So, yeah … it’s good.

Taco Tantos – Another Kent staple, and another solid burrito. We haven’t been in a while so I’m looking to get back and give it a fresh review.

And the rest here we haven’t been to, and we’re excited to try.

La Plaza Supermarket

Las Dos Fronteras

Sunshine Burrito Bowl

Cap’n Taco

El Tango Grill*

Boca Loca Burrito Factory

Chili Peppers

ps – let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Chipotle isn’t on this list. We are not anti-Chipotle. I’ve eaten more Chipotle burritos than your average human. Especially after a heavy night of drinking. Kerry calls them “the hangover cure.” But we’ve all had Chipotle. You know what Chipotle tastes like. If you’ve had Chipotle in … Denver … you’ve had one in Cleveland. So I didn’t think we needed to give you a review of Chipotle. It tastes like Chipotle. Guacamole is $1.85 extra. There. There’s your Chipotle review.

*pps – By eating at El Tango I will be breaking an eight year boycott of this establishment. I have a friend who had an “odd” customer service experience there. He asked his friends to boycott, and I did, like a good friend. About a year ago he told me that he had eaten there multiple times since. He hadn’t held up the boycott at all. I was the last hold out! I remember liking this place a lot, so I’m excited to give it another shot.

Do you have any other burrito places you think we should add to the list (besides Taco Bell)? This list is just 10, but we can do so many more. Let us know what your favorite place is.

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