Coconut Mojito Smoothie

Coconut Mojito Smoothie

Last week I had the huge, huge honor of attending the launch party for the brand new Vitamix Ascent Series at the Vitamix Store in Solon, Ohio. It was really fun to meet a bunch of other local bloggers and media personalities, but mostly it was amazing to have the opportunity to learn more about these awesome new blenders — and to take one home!!

Andy and I spent all weekend playing with our new Vitamix Ascent A3500. We made like five smoothies in two days, not even joking. This blender makes it so quick and easy, with pre-set buttons that remove all the guesswork. There’s even a self-cleaning function that blows my mind!

But the Vitamix does SO much more than smoothies! They’re a nice place to start, but we’re excited to try soups, dips, spreads, baby food, and even make our own peanut butter.

To begin learning about our Vitamix, though, I wanted to start with some simple smoothies and try out a new idea — a coconut mojito smoothie. Ok, so ignore the fact that it’s February in Northeast Ohio and there’s snow on the ground, a mojito is delicious any time of year! The traditional Cuban drink made with white rum, lots of lime juice and muddled mint is so refreshing, but since I currently can’t enjoy a real one, I thought let’s try to make one in a smoothie form so I can just pretend — pretend it’s summer and pretend there’s rum! The addition of coconut milk to the otherwise mostly traditional ingredients gives this drink a creamy, more-smoothie-like texture, and I just love the subtle coconut flavor along with the brightness of the lime and fresh pop of mint. (And you could easily add some rum if you’d like — I won’t judge!!)

Coconut Mojito Smoothie Recipe
(makes one)

1/2 cup fresh-squeezed lime juice (about 3 limes) 3/4 cup coconut milk 1 Tbs. sugar handful of fresh mint leaves (about 20 leaves)

1 cup+ of ice cubes

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