“Drab to Fab” Sneak Peek + Friday Links

“Drab to Fab” Sneak Peek + Friday Links

Here’s a sneak peek of the chair we’re going to be giving a makeover for the Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo. Do you think this old thing can ever be something awesome? Let’s hope so! We have some fun ideas for this beat up old chair.

By the way, today is the last day to enter our giveaway for tickets to the Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo. Visit the original blog post to enter and for more info. It’s going to be fun! http://www.burritosandbubbly.com/2016/03/giveaway-the-cleveland-home-remodeling-expo-march-18-20/ (And don’t forget, if you don’t win the tickets, you can buy some at a discount through that link, too!)

It’s a long time since we’ve shared any links from around the web, and there’s a few things I’ve come across lately that I love and wanted to share.

— I was really inspired by this interview and home tour with Joni Lay of the mom/nursery blog Lay Baby Lay on The Glitter Guide. She’s so cute and I kind of want to be best friends!! (is that weird?)

— I love this post from Vintage Revivals. I am SO guilty of getting stuck in my head afraid of making something that isn’t totally perfect (this drives Andy crazy). My favorite part: “Did you know that 4 out of 10 homeowners wait 5 years to repaint in their house because they are worried they’ll get sick of the color?  Of course you’ll get sick of the color! Its ok!! Your style will evolve, change isn’t a bad thing!” So so so true.

— This article in the Washington Post about breastfeeding had me in tears, in a good way. We had problems with nursing and Joey lost too much weight right away, so on day four we switched to pumping and supplementing with formula, which we still do. I felt so much guilt and shame for giving her a bottle, even though I also knew that I was doing what was best for all of us and had full support from our pediatrician. But even well-intentioned friends implied (in the nicest possible way) that maybe I should have “kept trying,” as though “giving up” was more a result of being lazy than because my baby was literally starving. This article was so much validation and relief for me and should be a must-read for every mother and mother-to-be. This is my favorite part: “A good mother? One who is calm, well-rested, and emotionally engaged with her baby in whatever way works.  She nurtures her own mental health, and is free to determine what works for her and her family.”

— On a lighter note, this Palm Springs kitty scratch house by A Beautiful Mess is one of my favorite DIYs ever, combining my favorite city, my favorite color and cats!

— I just treated myself to these new shoes, and I can’t wait to bop around town in them with Joey and Ruby.

And guess what?? We ordered our kitchen cabinets! This renovation is getting REAL!

Have a great weekend, guys! Any big plans? We’re going to be busy all weekend working on that chair!

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