DIY Photostrip Frame

DIY Photostrip Frame

When we were on the Ohio City Home Tour and hundreds of people toured our house, one of the most commented upon things was really surprising to me: the photostrips I had hung on the wall in our office. People loved them and so many people wanted to talk about the photos. It’s funny because it just figures that after all the long, difficult DIYs we’ve done around here, everyone notices the one that I’d whipped up the day before the tour in like two minutes.

It’s also sort of embarrassing that all those people saw me making ridiculous faces in photobooth pictures!

Andy and I like to take our photos in old-fashioned photobooths, especially on vacation. It’s a lot of fun, but mostly I love these pictures because we’re so bad at it!! We have maybe three standard poses that we go back to every time because we I always panic when the camera starts.

Come on, I can’t be the only one who is never ready for the first picture:

When we had an empty wall in our office, I thought it was a perfect place to hang our little collection of photostrips, and I came up with this easy frame DIY. It’s so easy, in fact, that step-by-step photos aren’t necessary.

What you need:

  • thin sheets of wood from the craft store (I had some leftover from this project), which are 1/32″ thick sheets of bass wood
  • small binder clips
  • sticker labels
  • scissors

What to do:

  • Cut your wood to be a little bigger than your photostrip. You can use regular scissors to cut these thin sheets, which is awesome.
  • Use a binder clip to attach the photo to the wood.
  • Add a label on the bottom, if you’d like to document when and where the photo was taken, or you could also write directly on the wood, if you have a steady hand.
  • To hang the frames on the wall, I used command strips.

This picture in Palm Springs is my favorite:

Of course, you could use this same DIY to frame any kind of photo. Easy AND versatile!

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