More Snapshots of London

More Snapshots of London

You guys. (I have a friend who hates it when people start things with “you guys” and I think of him every time I say it, but I still say it anyway …) So. You guys. We were planning on having a “Burrito Summer” update for you today and the first of every month this summer, but with London and just general disorganization, we didn’t get to try ANY new burritos in June, can you believe it?? Well, technically Andy had a burrito in London, at Tortilla, which he described as “meh, ok.” So, there you go, if you’re in London keep that in mind. But also keep in mind Andy is an extremely picky burrito eater, you know, because he’s a burrito connoisseur.

So anyway, we’ll have a BIG BURRITO UPDATE for you very soon. I know you’re on the edge of your seat. That’s why I put it in all caps.

In the meantime, I have some more snapshots from London that didn’t really fit into last week’s Travel Guide. It’s funny, I had my nice camera with me the whole time and never once took it out of my purse. The iPhone is just so much more convenient, takes pretty good pictures, and especially since I didn’t do a ton of super touristy things, didn’t make me feel awkwardly out of place. I mean, locals take iPhone pictures, too, right? So, anyway, here’s a few more snapshots of London, via my iPhone.

A PINK TAXI! You guys! It’s a pink taxi! With pink wheels! This right here is why I love London.

And this. Another view from Hyde Park. There was a bench under this rose-covered arbor where I could have daydreamed for days.

I loved the flower display in front of Liberty. That must be where they get the inspiration for their famous floral prints.

The London Eye. I think it looks kind of fun … but the long line does not.

I loved this rainbow light display in Carnaby Street. Given its history, I always think Carnaby Street should be nothing but vintage stores with the most amazing 1960s collections ever, but at least there’s lots of good places to eat nearby.

Does this chandelier at the Victoria and Albert Museum make anyone else think of The Little Mermaid? Just me? Ok.

Sometimes London looks like Paris.

And sometimes London looks adorable. I love love love the color happening at #7 Bywater Street.

This little kid marching band was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

And so was this cafe in Chelsea. Those flower-patterned chairs!

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