Furniture for Sale! Our Blog “Garage” Sale Is Open!

Furniture for Sale! Our Blog “Garage” Sale Is Open!

We had no idea that so many of you would ask about buying our furniture! Our original plan was to shove everything we don’t need into the basement and then slowly sell things on Craigslist when we got around to it (which, let’s be honest, isn’t going to be anytime soon), but since so many of you asked, let’s try out a virtual, blog “garage” sale instead! (Hm, “blog-arage”?) So take a look and hopefully this will be fun!

Here’s how this works:

  1. Check out the list of what’s for sale below! The items for sale are marked with a blue asterisk in the pictures and then explained below.
  2. If you see something in a picture that isn’t listed and you love it, ask us. We just might be willing to sell for the right price!
  3. All prices are negotiable and we’ll take the highest offer.
  4. Cash only.
  5. You must be able to pick up the item yourself — no delivery/no shipping.
  6. But we need to keep the house furnished for now (we still live here!), so most items are not available for immediate pick-up.
  7. I know these pictures aren’t great, so if you want more, have questions, need dimensions, or you want to buy something, send us an email at burritos and bubbly at gmail dot com! (Also, check out this 3D home tour for more views!)

Phew. Ok. Check it out!!

* Small table — $50. I think it’s technically for gardening. The top shelf is covered in a sheet of galvanized metal and the rest is wood.SOLD

* Chalkboard with painted frame – $25

* Mirror with painted frame – $25

* Dining room table – ask for price – 8-foot-long custom-built table made of steel and reclaimed wood with built-in trough. The perfect table for parties! The trough can be filled with ice, and there’s even a drainage hole that can be unplugged to remove the ice/water. When not in use, the trough has a lid so the table can be used as a dining room table. Excellent condition. High quality. Locally made. Like new.

* Chairs – $150 for set of 4 – metal bistro-style chairs in gunmetal gray.

* Bookcase (to right of fireplace) – $50 – “Leaning” bookcase from Target, each shelf gets progressively deeper towards the bottom.

* “Eat” and “drink” screenprints with gold frames – $40 for both.

The bar was my great-grandfather’s and is not for sale.

* Charcoal grey chair – $75 – from Ikea, only a few years old, good condition.

* Couch – $300 – from CB2, very comfortable, only about 3 years old, but there are cat scratches on the arms. SOLD

* Vintage, midcentury-style coffee table – $50. SOLD

Soooo many people have asked about the credenzas along the back wall, but sorry, we’re keeping them!

* Rug – $75 – features a tango print that was inspired by dancing under a streetlight on a cobblestone street in Italy … so you can learn how to dance! Wool rug with a thick pile that’s soft but easy to vacuum. The backing underneath one corner was chewed by a puppy.

We’re not officially selling any of the other antique furniture in this room, but we’re always open to serious inquiries and offers.

* Small storage cabinet – $75 – made by Ethan Allen, probably from the 1970s, features a drawer on top with two shutter-style doors below and one shelf inside. Solid wood. In decent vintage condition with signs of wear. I’ve always thought this would be really cute painted a fun color. SOLD

* Antique dressers – $200 each/$350 for the set – high quality, excellent condition, all original brass hardware. The mirror is attached and can tilt forward and back.

* Nightstand – $50 – made by Ethan Allen, solid maple, with drawer, original brass hardware, about 35 years old.

* Polka dot rugs (we have two) – $15 each or two for $20 – approx. 6′ x 4′, very low pile. SOLD

* Storage cabinet – $30 – great storage space for linens, dishes, etc. with glass-front doors. Top is water damaged. Could be a fun DIY project to recover the top.SOLD

A few other things…

1. Nightstand with door – $10 – in good condition but the door doesn’t like to stay closed.

2.  Sewing machine cabinet with sewing machine – $75 – This is a pretty awesome cabinet that I’d keep if I had room… or sewed. The top has hinges, so it opens and closes and a Singer sewing machine is inside. The doors on front hold spools of thread. The sewing machine appears to work but I can’t make any guarantees since I’ve never used it. It needs a needle. I’m guessing this is from the 1970s. (You can also see this cabinet a little bit in the picture of our bright blue guest room above, next to the cabinet that’s also for sale.)

3. Antique wood desk with drawer, great condition – $100. SOLD

4. Set of two “pharmacy-style” solid metal nightstands with drawer and two shelves – $50 each/$85 for both.

5. Antique side table with intricate carvings in an Asian-motif – $200.

6. Oversized wall-mount clock with faux distressing – $75 – it’s about 4-feet in diameter, works with a battery.

7. Black side table – $5

8. Stained glass pendant light, shades of yellow and green, hardwired installation – $25

9. Small chandelier, brass with etched glass tulip shades, hardwired installation  – $10

10. Silver metal table lamp – $15 – shade is white with grey stripes at the top and bottom. It has a dent on one side that is hard to see in the photo.

11. Stained glass floor lamp with pale lavender glass, glows yellow when turned on, adjustable arms, great for reading, about 5 feet tall – $50.

12. Handmade stained glass pendant light with fruit motif, hardwired installation – $25 – really cute for a dining room or kitchen.

13. Leaf-print curtains from West Elm – 8 panels available – $20 for each panel or $150 for all 8  – panels are 84′ long x 48″ wide, cotton canvas fabric, slate grey background with silvery grey leaves, light filtering. (There’s some pictures of them hanging here) SOLD

14. Velvet curtains – 4 panels available – $25 each or $85 for all 4 – each panel measures 96″ long x 48″ wide, heavy velvet in light tan, light blocking.

15. Approximately 30-40 mason jars in various sizes, various brands, all with lids – $3 each for the smaller ones (pictured, bottom row), $5 each for the large (top row) — or we can work out a discounted price if you want a bunch of them.

16. Black hexagonal side table with geometric cut-outs – $20. SOLD

17. Olive green microsuede ottoman – $5 – has a couple of stains on top that may come out with cleaning, but we can’t guarantee.

18. Wall mirror and light fixture from our new house – FREE if you want them!

I think that’s it! Email us if you have questions or are interested in anything!

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