Getting Ready for the House Tour: Project Updates

Getting Ready for the House Tour: Project Updates

We’ve got a big week ahead of us. I took the week off work, and we’re going to accomplish as many projects from our House Tour To-Do list as possible. We got started this weekend with a few smaller projects, and I just want to give you a quick update on all of them.

Clockwise from top left:

We hung a shelf in the guest room. We haven’t really revealed this room yet, so this is another sneak peek. Holy moly I love the blue color of these walls. It goes so well with the white. This room is turning into one of my favorites. It’s almost done so we’ll be showing you the final product soon. I could spend probably this entire post complaining about this shelf, and how old plaster walls are my least favorite thing at the moment, and how anchors barely worked, and how this simple project took a few hours and more than a few curse words, but I’ll just take a deep breath and be happy that I’m done. And … [Exhale]. Happy.

I replaced an electrical outlet in the office. I had never done this before but it turns out it’s really easy. The outlet that was there was working just fine, but whoever painted this room last actually painted the electrical outlets! Is that safe? I can’t imagine it is. When we painted this room white, the beige outlet just looked crazy. We could have painted it, I guess, but to me it seemed like a better idea to just replace it. Easy enough. And now my amateur electrician skills have gained valuable experience points. Level up!

We added some new art to our entry stairwell. Kerry bought this metal arrow at a Cleveland Flea last summer. She saw it, had to have it, couldn’t justify paying money for it, so I just bought it so she’d stop going back-and-forth about it. It’s been sitting in random places throughout the house, but we couldn’t find the perfect spot for it. Now, I think we have. The rusted color of the metal goes perfectly with the wood in the entry, and we matched the angle of the arrow to the angle of banister. My favorite part is that it points up to the stained-glass window on our landing, which is one of the top 3 most awesome parts of our house, easily.

New curtains are up and finished. Remember our old curtains (and how much of a hassle they were to put up)? Well we got sort of tired of those, and decided to transition to white curtains. We also moved them up a bit, so they are a little higher. Luckily we’ve worked with these walls before, so we were able to install these without all the drama from last time.

We’ve still got quite a bit on our to-do list, but we’re hoping to accomplish a lot of it this week. But these four little projects are now four things we don’t have to do in the future. Crossing things off one by one!


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