Good Golly, Olly is Eight Months Old!

Good Golly, Olly is Eight Months Old!

Oliver is growing up so fast. On the one hand he’s definitely still very much a baby, especially compared to his older sister Joanna, who at two is a running-jumping-demanding-complete-sentence-yelling toddler; but at the same time he’s not at all the infant that he used to be. He’s becoming a real person!

He even has a tooth now! His first tooth came in right before Easter, and he’s close to getting his second.

Olly’s personality is also really starting to blossom and it’s so much fun. He loves to yell and sing. When he gets frustrated he bangs his hands on the ground. He never sits still. He loves to giggle. He constantly wants to chew on his toes. And mostly he LOVES our cat Mocha. He’s obsessed with trying to get his hands on her. If she walks in the room, nothing is more exciting. She’s pretty lucky that he can’t crawl yet! But he’s close.

Olly is still doing really well with his cranial helmet. We know it’s uncomfortable and sometimes it rubs big red spots on his head, but he is such a trooper putting up with it without complaining. He wears his helmet for 23 hours per day. We take it off for an hour to clean it and give him a bath and a break. That’s why he’s not wearing it in these pictures. And between the helmet and teething, it’s amazing that he’s still such a happy little guy!

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