Good news in the kitchen

Good news in the kitchen

Going into our kitchen reno, there were two big unknowns: the chimney and the floors. You may remember from our plans that we were hoping to be able to expose the brick chimney that was hiding behind several layers of drywall. We also were hoping that there might be some original wood floors in decent condition hiding under old linoleum.

For both of these projects we had a plan B since we really had no idea what we’d find when we opened them up. The chimney would get re-drywalled in if it was in horrible condition. The floors would be replaced by new wood floors.

Yesterday we finally got to see for ourselves what was hiding in the kitchen…

Good news!

The chimney is in really good shape. A masonry expert is coming tomorrow to patch the holes, which are where the pipes would have gone, and see if it can be cleaned up. Our contractor is pretty confident that it can be.

The floors also look like they might be salvageable. They don’t look like much now, but from what we can see so far, they appear to be in pretty good shape. They’re not as fancy as the wood floors in the rest of the downstairs, but that’s to be expected in a home of this age. The floors in the kitchen would have been made with a lower quality wood because the family and guests never would have gone into the kitchen. A flooring expert is coming later this week, so we’ll find out for sure what can be done.

So one day into our huge renovation project, we’re really excited about what’s happening. I can’t believe how much work has already been done.

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