Goodbye, pink

Goodbye, pink

It’s a big day in the Burritos and Bubbly household. The pink paint in the living room is officially gone. I’ll miss the pink for sure, but with just the first coat up so far, the white is looking GREAT and the room is so BRIGHT!

I’ll just have to find another place to add some pink, right?! (I may already have some ideas… don’t tell Andy.)

Our normal process for painting is that Andy starts by doing the ceiling. Then I do the first coat on all the edges and rolling as high as I can go… With 9-1/2 foot ceilings and me being about 5’2″ (and three-quarters!), plus this little problem that I’m scared to go past the third step on the ladder, there’s always about 6 inches at the top that I can’t reach. So Andy comes back and does two coats on the tops, and I finish by doing the second coat on the rest. Usually we spread it out over the course of 4-5 days, with Andy doing his parts a bit at a time in the evenings after work. He kind of hates painting and I don’t mind it. I’d do all of it if I could/wasn’t such a wimp about ladders. Except the ceilings. I really can’t stand painting the ceiling.

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We should finish painting this room tomorrow and get all the furniture put back this weekend, so you’ll get to see the final product next week! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for behind-the-scenes sneak peeks!!

What do you think so far?

— Kerry

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