Ruby Turns One!!

Ruby Turns One!!

It’s Ruby’s birthday! Our little pup is a big dog now, and I have to say I’m feeling a little sentimental. We love this little scruffy designer mutt so much with her crazy hair and pointy nose. She’s silly and sweet and tries SO hard to be good… unless she’s trying SO hard to be bad.

Puppies are hard, though. They kind of suck a lot of the time. I have had days where I would pay someone A LOT to take Ruby off my hands, when she won’t stop barking for hours on end and she gets into everything and destroys important things and I’m tired and pregnant and don’t feel good and can’t get anything done (and one of those days happened this week). But at the same time, we love Ruby so so so much and she is absolutely 100% part of our family. When she’s not home, we miss her. When we leave home without her, we want to rush back to see her.

Doggie daycare is also our best friend. (Cleveland Metrobark is awesome.)

Check out the #RubeDood hashtag on Instagram for a collection of the cutest, funniest, scruffiest puppy photos EVER… and yes, I’m totally biased! 🙂

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