Guest room bed inspiration

Guest room bed inspiration

I went to the Cleveland Furniture Bank the other day to pick up some things for the wedding (I love that our wedding theme allows me to walk away with boxes of $1 things from the thrift store!). While I was there, I saw some really great bed frames that set my imagination spinning about our new guest room.

Wouldn’t these twin beds be great with a nice coat of paint?  Maybe white.  Or, ooooh, a really pale blue. Oh, that would be fantastic! I’ve always really liked the idea of twin beds in a guest room, like being at summer camp!

However, we actually already have a queen box spring in the new attic guest room. The former owners of our house left it behind because they couldn’t get it down the stairs, so Andy will undoubtedly point out the practicality of just buying a queen mattress to go with that box spring instead of two new twin mattresses/box springs. He’s so good at pointing out the practical.

How about this one? Yeah, the current paint job isn’t my favorite, but it could be fantastic with a coat of paint. Actually, I wouldn’t mind this in my own bedroom since we still haven’t gotten around to building that headboard we’ve been talking about making for AGES.  I could see it in our room with a coat of bright yellow paint, or maybe a deep metallic grey. That could be really cool. I love the spindles. They seem so fresh to me — so vintage modern.

And the best part of all these beds… each of these bed frames is only $175 each!

** Forgive the lack of Wedding Wednesday posts lately. With just over two months to go, I can’t even think about anything but my own wedding anymore… and I don’t want to give away all those details too soon!! 🙂

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