House Tour: Master Bedroom

House Tour: Master Bedroom

Hey, how was your weekend?! That extra day is just the best. We did a whole lot of relaxing and napping and started the really not fun job of cleaning out our attic. It took about 30 minutes of work to fill three huge garbage bags, so I guess we’re going to need to rent a dumpster!

Last week we showed you our new office and a few weeks ago we showed you our new guest room, so let’s continue our second-floor “house tour” with the third bedroom — our master bedroom. We really haven’t made a ton of changes in this room lately, but it’s still fun to have a look around, right?!

The bedroom was actually the very first room we painted when we bought this house, which I wrote about in my second blog post ever! We were so bad at painting back then that we ended up redoing it a couple years later. The color is Sherwin-Williams “Evening Shadow” #7662.

The best part of our bedroom is the headboard we made out of a barn door. When we tore down the old barn that used to be where our garage is now (you can read that whole story HERE), this old door was found hidden inside. We assume it was the original barn door, so we rescued it and knew right away that it would be an awesome headboard. It also was great because it’s huge and we got to upgrade to a king-sized bed! You can read all about how we made the headboard HERE.

You may remember I hung a gallery wall last year that you can see HERE, but after a while a few things started falling off the wall and recently we decided to only leave three pieces up. From left to right: print by Lisa Congdon, t-shirt from Andy’s Year of the Beard fundraiser, print by Gray Cardigan.

We also love the exposed brick chimney. And Andy’s grandpa built that dresser. How sweet is that?

So how do you feel about a TV in the bedroom? It’s a controversial move, but now that we have it, I think watching the last 15 minutes of a show in bed is pretty much heaven. You can’t see it, but on the wall above the TV is a banner we had at our wedding that says “Kerry + Andy.”

Our bedroom is a little unusual because it’s kind of like two rooms in one. It’s clear that at one point the room was divided down the middle by double doors that aren’t there anymore. We’re not exactly sure what the two rooms were originally intended for, but our best guess is that maybe one of the rooms was a nursery? I love the weathered-copper fisherman-style lights we chose for our ceilings. You’ll never guess where we got them: Cabela’s! Yes, like, the hunting store. I’ve never actually been inside a Cabela’s, but when I was searching for this style of light I found these on their website and the price and style were right. Who knew?!

On the other side of the room I have two dressers. Because I have way too much stuff. These dressers were my parents’. They aren’t my style, but it’s nice to have a lot of storage space. There’s also a small closet in here and a smaller closet over by the TV. We use one for clothes and the other for shoes!

We recently switched out our dark gray patterned curtains with these simple white ones from Ikea. I love how they let light in while also giving us some privacy. And I love our bedroom’s view of the park across the street!

Resources Duvet cover: West Elm Grey pillow shams: West Elm Yellow throw pillow: Crate and Barrel Bedskirt: Target Headboard: DIY Cement table lamps: Target Curtains: Ikea

Ceiling lights: Cabela’s
Wall art: Lisa Congdon, Gray Cardigan

Pretty much everything else is old/antique.

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