Quick Patio Refresh for Spring

Quick Patio Refresh for Spring

Let’s take a quick break from the kitchen to talk about the back yard! The weather has been SO NICE lately and all I want to do is hang out outside, but our patio is way less than welcoming. Think mildewy cushions, mismatched plastic furniture, and no cohesive design whatsoever, all on top of a Nature Stone patio surface that we just don’t love. If you’re not familiar, Nature Stone is a product where little pebbles are epoxed into a concrete-like surface. We have it on our patio, in our basement, and on our front walk — so much Nature Stone! Andy and I talked and planned a lot over the winter about possibly building a nice, new deck this summer but when our fence literally fell over in two places, all other projects got put on the back burner. Boo. We knew we’d need to replace the fence eventually but really hoped it would last a couple more years.

Since the deck isn’t happening this year, we want to make a few quick, inexpensive changes to what we already have to make our patio more comfortable and welcoming in the meantime. We don’t want to invest in any big changes, like new furniture, until we know what we’re going to be doing permanently. So unfortunately that plastic furniture is here to stay (but could maybe get a new coat of spray paint to at least match). A few new decor pieces can make a huge difference with little investment.

Also, Andy just treated himself to a new Big Green Egg grill! He can tell you a lot more about it once it gets delivered and we start using it, but it’s basically a fancy charcoal grill that we can use to make pizzas, which is one of our favorite things to do, along with the usual burgers and dogs. I thought why not embrace the fact that the new grill is bright green and go for a green, pink, black and white color scheme!

bench cushion | green outdoor pillow | watermelon outdoor pillow | pineapples outdoor pillow | fern outdoor rug | pink flamingos (because of course!!) | Big Green Egg (we got ours locally at Petitti Garden Center in Avon)

Are you planning on making some updates to your outdoor spaces this spring?

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