Half-Bath Progress Report: Phase Two

Half-Bath Progress Report: Phase Two

Hi guys! We hope you had a great weekend! We had so much fun. We drove up to Ferndale, Mich., to visit one of my best friends for her 40th birthday. She had a bounce house!!! We bounced, ate donuts in the middle of the night, and just generally had a really great, all-too-short time. I always want to stay there longer. We also made yet another stop at Ikea to pick up some necessities for our kitchen, including the open shelves, which I’m so excited to install.

I’m also excited to give you a little sneak peek at the half bathroom today!

The poor half bath. It’s been through a lot.

The last time we showed it to you we were calling it “Phase One.” We had painted the room from beige to white, replaced the mirror and light, and it was a little bit better… ish?

Then our big kitchen renovation started and we figured, while we’re replacing the floor tile in the kitchen and hallway, we might as well replace the bathroom tile, too, for a seamless look. And that meant the vanity had to come out, so we might as well get a new vanity. And, well, the toilet had to come out, so we might as well… You get the idea.

This is how construction costs snowball.

We thought about getting a glossy white vanity at Ikea to match our kitchen cabinets, but when we realized it was going to be over 400 bucks, we said, um no, this is not a $400 vanity kind of bathroom (seriously Ikea?). That led us to shopping around and finding this really cute 24″ vanity at Wayfair for around $200 (it seems to be out of stock, which is no surprise considering it was cute and fairly affordable). It gives the room the modern, minimal look we like and the walnut color we chose goes really well with the rest of the wood in our house. I especially love that the sink is white instead of ivory like our old vanity.

Then the faucet. Holy moly this faucet. I looooove it, but I can’t even tell you how much trouble this faucet caused, from missing pieces to confusion about how it fit together to me literally shedding tears because I didn’t want to have to return it and buy one that’s less pretty — and more expensive (it was only $42!!!! I couldn’t find any other pretty brass faucets for less than $200). It took weeks and weeks, and lots of emails back and forth with the very nice customer service department in China … but we FINALLY got it installed and it’s SO BEAUTIFUL. (And the issues turned out to be really minor and just a matter of them sending us a piece we were missing.) Oh it’s so pretty, you guys.

Obviously this room isn’t finished (hello missing cover plates), but we’re soooo much happier with the half-bath now. What do you think?!

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