Plans for the Front of the New House

Plans for the Front of the New House

Hi! Our Internet is working! We told you on Facebook on Monday that our Internet was broken. Well, long story short, it turns out our electric company told our Internet company (two unrelated companies, btw) that we’re moving, so even though we don’t have a moving date yet, the Internet company closed our account without asking us, scheduled an install appointment at the new house without telling us and then said that we “missed” the appointment that we didn’t even know about. Um. Really? It took nearly TWO HOURS on the phone with the Internet company to get it turned back on. Sigh.

So anyway. Yay for having Internet! And now moving on…

We have A LOT of plans for the new house, as you know. It’s kind of equal parts overwhelming and so much fun to have an entire house full of projects to do but, ok, let’s be honest, I love it! I’ve been bouncing between ideas/plans/projects/lists and my mind is constantly spinning, but I love having a full to-do list of fun house projects. The project I’m thinking about right now is the front of the house.

No, it’s definitely not terrible, but it could be better. We’re lucky that the house’s previous owner was an avid gardener, so we inherited some really nice landscaping in the front and back. Unfortunately it feels like everything is kind of overgrown right now, which is bound to happen when you’re busy selling and moving. It looks pretty, but I don’t like how the big plants are crowding the front door and blocking it from view right now. So this Fall we’re planning on cleaning it up, cutting it back, and getting rid of some of the plants that are too big for the space. Plus, Andy and I are the WORST at gardening, so there’s no hope for our poor yard. Or us.

Also, to be honest, we don’t like the color of our house. Like, at all. Beige and forest green aren’t our cup of tea. But we’re definitely not ready to tackle another whole exterior house painting job this year. Yikes! What we can do relatively easily for now, though, is repaint the shutters and garage door, which is a project we can DIY. With a different accent color, the beige bricks and siding might not feel so boring and dated. We have some color ideas already, but what would YOU do??

The other problem is the front door. Besides the fact that it’s nearly impossible to even see the front door because of the too-big plants in front of it (it was hard to find a spot to take a picture!), the color of the door itself is awfully boring. We — or let’s face it, it’s really 99% me! — REALLY, REALLY want a colorful front door, like one of these on my “doors and floors” Pinterest board. Pink! Yellow! Blue! Being able to paint the front door a cheerful color was one of my requirements for buying a new house. I don’t think I can convince Andy to go with pink, but if you could paint it any color what would you choose???

From inside, you can better see the color of the front door right now. Blah.

And finally, I want to replace the light next to the front door with something more modern and cheerful, and do something about the mailbox, probably spiffing it up with some spraypaint.

So what do you think? Like I said, it’s not terrible now, but we can make it feel a lot more modern and more like us with a few updates. What would YOU do with the front of our house? What color(s) would you paint the garage door, shutters and front door?

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