Easy fall leaf garland DIY project

Easy fall leaf garland DIY project

We’re having family over this weekend for some “tailgating” before the Cleveland Browns-Pittsburgh Steelers game, so I wanted to put up a few seasonal decorations to make our house look festive. If we don’t have a working kitchen or guest bath, at least we can be well decorated, right??

I whipped together this super simple garland yesterday that brings a nice pop of fall color to our dining room. (This is also a sneak peek since I haven’t shared pictures of our new dining room paint color yet!)

All I needed were several sheets of felt in various colors, string, poster board or cardstock, glue, scissors and a pen. I had all of these supplies on hand, which was nice since I was kind of stuck inside all day. I drew some leaf shapes freehand on poster board and cut them out to use as templates. I traced the template onto the felt with a pen and cut them out. I used some white string I had handy, but this would be really cute with yarn or embroidery thread. Then I used hot glue to attach the felt pieces to the string, though I’m sure lots of types of glue would work.

{{ Pro tip (am I a pro?): it’s a good idea to glue to the string towards the top of the leaf so they hang nicely. I made the mistake of gluing the string to the middle of the leaves and they flop all over the place. Woops! }}

My favorite projects are the ones that make me feel like I’m doing something when I’m mostly just watching TV… I love my cheerful little leaves!

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