Summer of Ice Cream!

Summer of Ice Cream!


Andy and I made a list of 12 of Cleveland’s ice cream shops that we are going to visit this summer, and I’ve maybe never been more excited about anything in my life!!

This list is based on research of “best of” lists on various websites, yelp reviews, and some good old-fashioned “that place looks fun” as we drove by. Some of these we’ve been to, like Mason’s that was near our old house, and Andy grew up going to the Old Brooklyn Honey Hut, but a lot of these are going to be brand new for us. We also chose a variety of styles from standard ice cream to custard to gelato, shops that do crazy flavors, shops that keep it very old school, and even a place that specializes in custom ice cream sandwiches.

Obviously this is not a complete list of all the great ice cream shops in the Cleveland area (there are so many!), but we wanted to stick to an even 12, and we mostly wanted to stay convenient to the west side, with a few exceptions. We also purposefully left off some of the bigger local/Ohio chains like Mitchell’s, Malley’s, Graeter’s, and Jeni’s, which everyone already knows are delicious (we especially love the walk-up outdoor counter at our Bay Village Malley’s where we often walk after dinner).

A couple of years ago, we declared it the “Summer of the Burrito” and made a list of burrito places in Cleveland that we were going to visit… but while it was a fun challenge, I was pregnant with Joey and quickly realized visiting strange burrito places was just not going to work for me. BUT if there is one thing this pregnant lady wants to do this summer, it’s eat ice cream!! And lots of it!!

So watch for weekly-ish updates as we tackle the Summer of Ice Cream, and definitely let us know what you think… Are there any other places we should have included? Any of these you’re super curious about? Any of these you’ve tried and loved? Let’s talk ice cream, you guys!!

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