Hey you, like us on facebook, ok?

Hey you, like us on facebook, ok?

Alright. We finally did it. We broke down and got a Facebook page for Burritos & Bubbly. So you should like us, ok? Both of us have a bit of a love/hatehate/hate… necessary evil relationship with Facebook. I always complain about it, but I find myself looking at it like 100 times a day.

I promise not to post 100 times a day, though, so don’t worry! It’ll be fun, I promise.


You may also notice that we have a brand new, pretty layout! That’s another thing I’m really excited about, so let me know what you think. A few things may be wonky here and there over the next couple days as we put it all together and make changes, so please be patient with us. Let us know if anything looks completely nuts… or great! I’d especially love to know if you think it looks great.

I’ll be spending the afternoon putting up a second coat of paint on our kitchen accent wall (do we like it so far? Hm, we’ll get back to you on that) and listening to this. Ooh la la. I can pretend I’m painting on the banks of La Seine if I want to, right? As long as it makes me finish painting, it works for me! — Kerry

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