It’s Halloween and this blog has gone crazy

It’s Halloween and this blog has gone crazy

Hello loyal Kerry and Co. blog readers. Kerry had to take this Monday off from the blog, so she has left it up to one of her loyal “and Co.” to take over the writing duties. Although I’m sure that most of you were hoping for an entry by either Trixie or Mocha, you’re going to have to settle for me, Andy.

Please allow me to introduce myself. Hi. My name is Andy. You may remember me from death defying ladder excursions, or cutting trees down with shorts and tall black socks. I like to consider myself the #1 “and Co.” in this whole operation.

I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to write about. We did some great stuff for a Halloween party this past Saturday, and even though today is Halloween, I think it’s better for Kerry to post about that on a later date. She did some amazing work and created two phenomenal costumes. Meanwhile, we re-decorated, re-arranged, and really made our house even more of a home. So I think that’s an important post for her to write.

I’m the type of guy who likes to make big plans, so I thought I’d spend some time talking about my next big plan for the house: the headboard. Last time we saw the headboard on our bed, it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen, but unfortunately, it wasn’t designed to stay for the long haul.

A theme in our house has always been classic meets modern … but I always like to think of it as “country in the city,” or something along those lines. Kerry’s furniture has such small town charm, which I love. I’ve always thought that one day I’ll end up in a really small town. But we live in the middle of the city, so there are touches everywhere of a modern urban feel. Even the bold wall colors in every room, they give off a hip, vibrant, young, lively feel. It’s an old house that feels fresh and new.

I’m not the most handy person on the planet, but I can build a headboard, I’m pretty positive. But where to start? We want something fun and exciting, but also something that maintains that rustic feel.
I saw this one on the Better Homes and Gardens site (after googling “awesome headboard”). This sort of fits our bill: it’s got the color to make it pop, and also that old timey feel with the old window panes. It’s really great, but I’m not a fan of headboards that are attached to the wall. I like them better when they’re attached to the bed.

As I continued my search in “awesome headboard” I found this on paper angels. This is more the feel I like. It’s got much more of a rustic look, but let me tell you a thing or two about wood pallets (which this is made of). They’re dangerous. They’re generally made from extremely cheap wood, and they splinter very easily. I’m sure there are ways to prevent that, but I would be worried about the cats scratching this thing – they’d get splinters like crazy! But I do love this look. It’s super home made and old looking. Maybe some splashes of bold paint would give it that modern twist we’re looking for.

So I’m not sure what our final design will be. I feel like it’ll be a combo of these two, and I think I can easily build it. Kerry and I will sit down and figure it out, pick our favorite aspects of everything we love, we’ll make too many trips to Home Depot, and we’ll soon have an awesome, home made, totally custom headboard to show you!

Well that’s all for me, Kerry and Co. readers. I hope you found this … readable. We’ll keep you updated on all of our projects!

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