H&M Home Fall Collection

H&M Home Fall Collection

When we were in Lisbon, we just happened to stumble upon the grand opening of a brand new huge flagship H&M store, complete with a home goods department. Actually, we tried to get in a day earlier, without realizing that the store hadn’t even launched yet. Later we saw signs announcing the grand opening the next day, haha, so I had to go back to check it out.

What I wanted to see was their home line, since only a few H&M stores in the U.S. have a home goods department and of course none of them are in Cleveland. I’ve been eyeing a few pieces on their website for quite a while, so I was excited for the chance to see everything for the first time in person. I always wondered if the quality would be up to par especially on things like linen pillow covers, because, seriously, how is linen only $10, but I was happy to see that most things were pretty nice in real life. I mean, it’s H&M, and we’re all familiar with their clothes, so their home goods are really similar — it’s not going to fool a linen expert but it’s not going to make me itchy either. It won’t last a lifetime but it’ll be great for a while. Those Swedes, I tell you, they just know how to mass merchandise cute things at great prices like no one’s business. I don’t know how they do it. But I like it.

Here’s a few of our favorite things that we saw in the store:

copper storage basket, $17.95 // linen bear pillow, $17.95 // metal box with lid, $6.95 // green glass jar, $9.95 // bath mat, $7.99 // throw blanket, $34.95 // fox stoneware vase, $14.95 // velvet cushion cover, $9.95

H&M Home does a great job with storage accessories, like this copper basket and a large selection of metal boxes with lids in various sizes. My other favorite thing of course is their pillow covers. You buy the pillow cover separate from a pillow form, which always kind of annoys me, but it’s easy enough to find a cheap pillow form either at H&M or with a Joann’s coupon. Andy found this bath mat that looks like an old sign, and it would be perfect in our guest bathroom (if only they had our color in stock online). I also love their camping/wild animal theme for fall, which reminds me of growing up in Alaska, so I love this adorable bear pillow cover and the fox vase, along with the black and cream plaid throw blanket.

I think H&M is especially a great place to look for trendy items or things you may change up frequently, like throw pillows and decorative accessories — things you don’t necessarily want to invest a ton of money in but make your home feel fresh and new.

What do you think? Do you ever change up your decor for fall and are you thinking of getting anything new this year? Have you ever bought anything from H&M Home?

— Kerry

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