Inspiration: Harry Potter, really?

Inspiration: Harry Potter, really?

There are two fundamental rules I follow when it comes to decorating my house:

#1 Have fun.  I’ve said this about a million times already.  I don’t see any reason whatsoever to take decorating too seriously.  Unless you are a stuffy, boring person, there’s no reason your house should be.

#2  Find inspiration everywhere.  And I do mean everywhere… Even Hogwarts!  Yes, I’m totally serious.

This week Andy and I went to Orlando to visit Universal Studios, and specifically the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  We are huge Harry Potter fans.  The books are great.  The movies are great.  The theme park is really, really great.

From the halls of Hogwarts to the streets of Hogsmeade, Universal did an amazing job of really bringing Harry Potter’s world to life.  Definitely the most impressive part of the park was the high level of detail.  As I walked around, a light went off for me that I could actually find decorating inspiration here.  Yeah, for real.  This place is more than just butterbeer and rollercoasters; it’s an entire new world, and that is downright fun.

I am really excited to share some of my inspiration!

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