Kerry and Andy turn ONE!

Kerry and Andy turn ONE!

Andy and I just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary with a big party at the bowling alley where we had our first date. It was like coming full circle.

Bindernagel Party!

Mahall’s is an awesome bowling alley in Lakewood, Ohio that is one of those places that hasn’t changed in so long that it looks completely cool again. I love it. And turns out they also have some pretty awesome tacos.

Our friend Shannon’s band Let em Run performed for us. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you cannot go wrong with a banjo. It’s a fact. These guys were awesome and we had so much fun.

After having a great time with our friends at the bowling alley, Andy and I got home just in time to celebrate the clock turning midnight on our actual anniversary day (Sunday). And of course we don’t celebrate without champagne. The bubblier (and messier) the better!

This has been a great year and it was a great party. I am so so so excited to see what year TWO is going to bring us!!  ♥

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