Yippee Ki Yay Halloween!

Yippee Ki Yay Halloween!

Howdy! We’re going to the Wild Wild West for Halloween this year! I love Halloween. I love dressing up. I love the creativity of making a costume, and I always start thinking about it really, really early. Like, I’m already thinking about next year, when we are definitely going to do a family costume, since it didn’t quite come together this year as planned (just imagine me and Andy as cows and Ruby as a horse!!).

The cutest little cowboys you’ve ever seen!

Getting an almost-22-month-old and an almost-3-month-old to sit together — and sit still — in their costumes for photos is nearly impossible! Well, actually, Olly never moved. He just looks somewhat confused through the whole thing!!

I wish we’d gotten a better picture of Joey’s red cowboy boots because she is OBSESSED. She wears these boots everywhere and asks to put them on almost every day. I’d want to wear them all the time too if I had some in my size!! Since she already owned the boots and Olly already had his outfit, which is actually a set, these costumes came together really easily. I just had to buy Joey a plaid Western shirt, a red cowboy hat and a bandana.

So, tell us, what family costume do you think we should do next year??

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