Inspiration: make it bright!

Inspiration: make it bright!

Let’s put away the grey. Say no to the beige. Bring out the sunny yellows, grass greens, beach blues and hot pinks. Make life a little brighter. I’m so sick of this winter, with the sky the same color as the ground every day, and I really want to bring some color into my life again. Even if it’s just in the form of a pillow.

Here’s some rooms that have the bright idea.

(Kenay Home)

(buy modern baby)

(Pinterest — anyone know the original source?)

(Mor til Mernee)

What all of these rooms have in common is that bright accessories are layered on a neutral base to provide balance. There’s also repetition in the colors used, like neon pink showing up in all of the prints in the room above, so it looks deliberate. Yet, none of these rooms take themselves too seriously. Things don’t have to match perfectly and it’s ok to mix and match in whatever way you like.

The easiest way to do this at home is to start with a neutral base on your walls and furniture, so that way you can change your accessories whenever you feel like it without spending as much as if you got sick of your couch. Add some new pillows, some art, maybe a bright lampshade. It’s a really simple way to give your room a whole new feeling and improve your mood when it’s dreary outside!

Here’s some ideas.

1: lamp, CB2 | 2: pencil cup, Lulu & Georgia | 3: pillow, Lulu & Georgia | 4: print, West Elm

What do you think? Are you also getting really sick of our grey-on-grey-on-grey world this winter? Would you decorate in brights like this? I say, go for it!!

— Kerry

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