What I’m Wearing for Spring + Summer

What I’m Wearing for Spring + Summer

You guys! It’s here! It’s summer! I hope you all had a really nice long weekend! Ok, I know summer doesn’t technically start for a few weeks, but we all know that Memorial Day is the (Un)Official Start of Summer!! To celebrate, we’re jetting off (or actually driving a few hours) to Traverse City, Michigan, for a family vacation. Wooo!

Besides vacations, I always think the best part about the change of seasons (especially fall and spring) is new clothes. Who’s with me on that? Since I was pregnant last spring/summer and still mostly in my post-pregnancy, kinda-still-maternity clothes the year before that, and I went through a huge purge when we moved right before that, I’m reallyyyyyy low on summer clothes that fit.

Here’s a few of the things I’ve recently bought and a few I have my eye on to transition into these warmer days. Even better, everything is under $60!

Raw-hem, high-waist jeans, Target, $29.99 — the most comfortable, flattering skinny jeans. I tried on SO MANY jeans, from all different price points, and when I had reached the end of my patience I ordered these with no hopes whatsoever. Success!
Black off-the-shoulder jumpsuit, Lulu’s, $52 — I wore this to a wedding over the weekend and got so many compliments. It looks very chic while also being effortless.
Pink overall dress, ASOS, $42 — such a fun color, though I’ll admit it’s quite short. I bought a small but wish I’d gotten a medium just to make it longer.
Skinny chinos, Target, $19.99 — I wear these all the time. The fit is flattering and they’re a nice alternative to jeans.
Straw hat, Target, $12.99 — I wanted a hat that would shade my face but not constantly flop in my eyes — as cute as wide-brim floppy hats are, they annoy the heck out of me after a while. I picked this hat up at Target over the weekend, so hopefully it does the job.
Black heeled sandals, Target, $29.99 — these are a lot higher than I usually wear but I danced in them all night without taking them off, and that’s rare!
Nude flats, DSW, $59.99 — I love the unique look of these flats in a wear-with-anything nude color. I don’t own these but I want to!
Double-strap slides, Old Navy, $19.99 — I have these from last season and wear them constantly. They’re super comfy and look cute with anything from sweats to dresses.
Tie-waist flamingo-print button-down shirt, Old Navy, $32.99 — this is my favorite shirt right now and I’d wear it every day if I could!

What is your go-to outfit for summer this year? I’m loving the tie-waist t-shirt trend, though I’m guessing it’ll look “so 2018” by next year so I’m trying not to buy too much. I really wanted to get some of the wide-leg, high-waist pants that are at stores now because I’m super sick of skinny jeans, but it turns out those wide leg cropped pants mostly look awful on me. At least I found some skinny jeans/pants I like! Happy Summer, you guys!

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