Inspiration: Modern White Kitchens

Inspiration: Modern White Kitchens

Yay it’s Friday! Yay let’s look at kitchens! Yay Joanna had a great night last night!

We told you the other day about how we’re planning a modern-inspired, white-on-white kitchen using Ikea’s shiny white cabinets, so I put together a collection of mostly-white kitchens to inspire us. These rooms all feel crisp and cool, but they show that a modern all-white kitchen doesn’t have to be boring!

This kitchen is SO white, but the amazing windows act almost like a colorful accent wall. The glass vases and fancy light fixture keep the white from being boring. (via)

This kitchen uses the same cabinets that we’re getting, and they did a lot of fun custom touches (you’ve got to check out the toe kicks!). (via)

This kitchen reminds me a lot of the vibe and layout that we’re aiming for in our kitchen — except better because that wood accent wall is amaaazing. (via)

This white kitchen is given a lot of character with fun beach-inspired decor. (via)

I mean, WHOA. Adding color to the island is a great touch to really liven up the room and make this modern, almost industrial kitchen feel friendly and fun. The awesome architecture sure doesn’t hurt either. (via)

Again, accessories and an awesome light fixture make this all-white kitchen feel warm and inviting, and those open shelves are epic. (via)

This kitchen is just drool-worthy. Look at the size of that island! (via)

This kitchen is so cheery! The base is white cabinets and counters, but all the fun comes from a riot of colorful accessories and patterned textiles. (via)

What do you think of these white kitchens? Boring or fun? Do you have a favorite? Have a great weekend, guys!

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