Interior Inspiration: Give Peach a Chance

Interior Inspiration: Give Peach a Chance

Poor peach. It gets such a bad rap. It can inspire cringe-worthy memories of shiny bridesmaids dresses and bad 1950s bathrooms. It’s funny how colors go in waves of popularity. Peach is cool again, guys… for real! But this isn’t your grandma’s peach. When mixed with unexpected color combinations like lavender, coral or neon yellow, peach feels modern, fresh and oh-so-perfect for Spring.

Mixing lavender and pale peach sounds like insanity! But it really works in this room, via the design chaser, and it’s successful because the rest of the room is soft and white.

You don’t have to paint a whole room or even a whole wall to add interest to a room. A small pop of pinky peach on the bookcase in this otherwise neutral space is a perfect way to keep it fun. If that bookcase were all white, wouldn’t it be a little boring? (via sfgirlbybay)

Peach on its own can read too saccharine while neon yellow can be jarring. But together, they can look amazing. The peach perfectly tempers the brightness of the neon, and the yellow keeps the peach from being too sweet and grandma-y (via coco & kelley).

Not for the color-phobic, this colorful living room mixes several shades of peach with an eclectic collection of pastels and brights. The white walls provide the perfect neutral backdrop for all this color (via decor8).

Oh, and look at this! In our very own rumpus room we have a fun mix of peach, orange and mint! Also, whoa, I reeaaally need to take some updated photos of this room — it looks so different now! (via Burritos and Bubbly).

What do you think? Does peach make you cringe, or do you want to give peach a chance?


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