Office Progress

Office Progress

Happy Monday, guys. I hope you had a great weekend! We spent the whole weekend working SO HARD to get a few projects done. We’re starting to realize that Christmas is coming at us like a speeding train and since we’re hosting the whole family this year, we’re super anxious to get a lot of things done so no one is tripping over any half-finished projects. Plus, ugh, I’m just so sick of tripping over half-finished projects! We were planning on showing you our new and improved coffee table today, but, well, we were too busy working on projects to be able to write about them! So stay tuned for that soon!

Instead I’ll tell you the good news: our office is finally painted! Yaaaay! Ok, yes, it looks like a bedroom in this photo. Specifically, Trixie’s bedroom. What a spoiled cat. But that’s because once we got the final coat of white paint up on the walls on Saturday, after first repainting the floors, trim and ceiling — all in all a project we’ve been working on since AUGUST! — we moved all the guest room furniture into the office, so we can start painting the guest room. Like, today. There’s no rest for the weary around here.

There’s only 6 weekends until Christmas. Can you believe it?

— Kerry

P.S. For a reminder of what the office used to look like and our plans for the room:

(Photo from our Instagram — follow @burritosbubbly for more sneak peeks!)

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