“You’re invited to a wedding” … we wrote a wedding song!

“You’re invited to a wedding” … we wrote a wedding song!

If you know me and Andy at all, you know we had to write a song for our wedding and we had to film a music video and we had to get all dressed up to do it. That’s just what we do. And, I mean, we do it so well, right?

So Andy wrote this little song, and we practiced and practiced, and I screwed it up over and over. Turns out it’s a really good thing I’ve always been in fake bands. It literally took me weeks to get this right. Wow, that’s embarrassing. But I love this song. We put this video on the front page of our wedding website to give our guests a little taste of what was to come.

I have to warn you, though, once you listen to this song, it will be stuck in your head all day. You’re welcome.

{ lyrics/music/video all by Andy Bindernagel } 

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