Modern California Renovation

Modern California Renovation

I just have to interrupt whatever regularly scheduled programing we were going to have today to show you this incredible modern kitchen renovation designed by Veneer Designs in California. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this one for days, and when I showed it to Andy, he said it was “essentially perfect.” And this is why we get along so well.

I love how the super bright white counters, upper cabinets and walls are contrasted by wood grain lower cabinets and those light-colored wide plank floor boards. It’s clean, open and modern, but yet still really warm and comfortable. It’s not so modern that I can’t imagine a family living here. It’s not so white that it’s intimidating or cold. And the wood grain, while definitely giving a nod to midcentury design, doesn’t feel ridiculously retro to me.

Don’t you love the microwave hidden away in the island out of sight? That’s smart design right there. Pretty AND functional.

See more pictures of the rest of the house, including what it looked like before (you’ll never believe it!!) on the Veneer Designs blog.

We’re big fans of California modern design — open, clean, a little midcentury without being kitschy, modern but casual. It’s funny since we live in a house that’s SO not this style at all. What do you think? Is this too modern for you or do you love it as much as we do? I’d love to hear your opinions!

— Kerry

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