Construction update

Construction update

Just a quick update on the state of things around here…

This is what the pantry/laundry area is looking like right about now:

I had no idea that’s what the inside of my walls looked like! And I’m really, really glad this is not a DIY project. I’m totally clueless about these things, but I honestly thought running plumbing was a lot like installing cable… You just add a longer pipe and drill a hole through the floor. Ha, guess not. Leave this stuff to the professionals!

Originally we were hoping to have the laundry done today, but I’m guessing it will be sometime next week at this point.

This is the hallway/construction zone leading from our bedroom to the bathroom (at the end of the hall on the right):

The tub/sink/toilet are maybe being installed as early as Monday, so before then we need to prime, sand, cut all this wood for wainscoting (there’s another pile of wood downstairs), install it, paint the walls, paint the wainscoting, and seal the tile. Plus, I’m getting a haircut tomorrow, which is just as important, haha. Totally do-able… But I better get to work!

Have a great weekend, friends! I can’t wait to show you all of these projects when they’re done! Next week?? Eek, fingers crossed!!

— Kerry

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