More bedroom updates

More bedroom updates

After wrapping up our headboard project (read all about it here if you missed it!), I wanted to talk a little more about the bedroom. We’ve changed a few things other than the bed, and there’s still some things on my to-do list. Bear with me because this might get a little long! (My to-do lists are always long!)

It’s like one of those games… can you spot the differences?

I’ll give you a few hints:

1. Bedding: When we upgraded from a queen to a king bed, of course we needed new bedding, and we chose West Elm’s “diamond stitch cloudcover comforter.” I know a lot of people prefer duvet covers because they’re easier to clean, but don’t you just hate how there’s always a gap, no matter how tightly you tie the duvet to the cover? Drives me nuts. This comforter is perfect. Not too heavy and not too light. And no annoying gaps! (Now we just need to get king sized pillows.)

2. Nightstands: I’ve always liked our Urban Outfitters nightstands, and they were especially perfect when our bed was against the other wall, as you can see in these photos from way back in March 2011. But next to the new headboard they looked way too tiny. I went “shopping” in our guestroom and I think these old, wood nightstands fit a lot better. The one on my side of the bed I’ve had since I was a kid (from Ethan Allen) and the one on Andy’s side, which you can’t see, is from Target many years ago. Don’t you just love shopping in your own house?!

3. Bed skirt: you can’t really see it in the photo above, but I love our new bed skirt (never really thought I’d be saying that). I found this grey gingham bed skirt from Threshold at Target and it’s just so adorable.

My main priority now is lamps. I’ve gone years without a lamp on my side of the bed because I haven’t found one I like. I was hoping to get two Eclipse Table Lamps from West Elm, but they’re no longer available. Boo! Something like the Harrison Task Lamp at Pottery Barn might be a good Plan B. (Our ceiling lights, which you can’t see in these photos, are, surprisingly, from Cabela’s — yes, the sporting goods store — and they’re really cute.)

I’ve also considered taking down the tree that’s next to the bed. (Andy does not agree!) Several of you have asked about it. It’s a vinyl decal that I bought on Amazon (similar to this). I like it. But honestly, I’m not in love with it the way I wanted to be. I don’t think it fills up the wall the way I had pictured in my head, and I’d love to find something I like a little more. Maybe my hopes for it were too high — don’t you hate that? I saw this Threshold reclaimed wood mirror at Target the other day and was wondering if maybe three of them across the wall might look cool… or maybe that’s too similar to the headboard? Hmm. I’ll have to think about this. Let me know if you have any ideas!

This post has been super wordy, so here’s another photo of our bedroom just for fun!

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