My Midcentury Christmas

My Midcentury Christmas

For the last couple of years we’ve kept our holiday decorations really simple and neutral. Last year’s theme was “neutral natural” with lots of bare wood, black and white. The year before it was a  “winter wonderland” in blue and white. But this year I wanted to shake things up and do something completely different.

I’ve been so in love with midcentury-inspired colors lately — turquoises, pinks, yellows, in both pastels and brights — and using these colors seemed like a really fun spin on traditional holiday decorating. I gathered together a bunch of fun images to use as my inspiration.

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We had plans to get a real tree, but the more pregnant I get the more I just don’t feel like dealing with it. The thought of going through all the boxes of Christmas things when we’re also in the middle of a move is just… ugh. Instead, I decided to pull out the wooden “tree” that Andy built last year. Then I cut out a bunch of paper triangle trees in lots of different colors to go along with it on the window. It’s the perfect project for being on semi-bedrest. To top it off, I strung up some honeycomb balls from the Oh Happy Day Shop in different sizes and shades of blue, pink and yellow.

These photos aren’t good, but I just LOVE how our colorful decorations look, from inside and especially outside the house. It’s so cheerful and fun, and definitely not boring!

I also love how easy clean up will be!!

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