Plans for the front yard

Plans for the front yard

We put a downpayment on landscaping for our front yard over the weekend, which means something is finally going to be done about our super embarrassing jungle – yay! Our yards, front and back, have taken a serious turn for the worst this year, as Andy and I have been way too busy and the weather has been way less than cooperative. Everything is completely overgrown and just out of control. It is so bad.

We have also realized that the landscaping we inherited with the house was just not right for us and not right for our tiny yard. Most of the plants are too big for the space and require a ton of maintenance to constantly trim them back. As much as we wish we had the time and resources to take care of the yard ourselves, we realized we really needed to get some professionals in here who could help us start over with a blank slate. The landscapers took into account our lifestyle (lazy), our level of skill (zero), and even our color preferences (pink and yellow) to come up with a new plan for the front yard:

I don’t know much about plants at all, but the plan looks great. The only bright spot of our front yard now is a weeping cherry tree, which is cute but in need of some love, so that is staying put and being reshaped, as you can see on the right. Everything else is coming out, and a bunch of new plants are going in.  They are adding some pink hydrangeas, which I’m especially excited about (my wedding bouquet was made with blue hydrangeas). There will also be Alberta spruceleucothoe, ladys mantle, and “hadspen cream” bugloss, all things that we’re told will be easy to take care of. My favorite part is the stepping stones, which will mean we can actually walk in there to clean up after fallen leaves and stuff.

This new landscaping is going to make a world of difference to our house. The front yard is the first thing every one sees who drives by, and right now we’re giving off the impression that we don’t care, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I can’t wait to sit on our porch swing and look out into a gorgeous front yard that I can be proud of.

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