Our urban cottage bathroom: the plans

Our urban cottage bathroom: the plans

Yesterday I showed you the layout of our second-floor master bath, and you could probably see that we’re dealing with quite a few challenges. First, the room is only about 100 by 80 inches, which is really small. Second, there’s a pretty large window that also just happens to be off center. Third, we’ve learned if you even think about moving plumbing you better start looking for a second job to pay for it.

However, with lots of brainstorming, we’ve come up with a solution that we think will work with all of our challenges and be a huge improvement overall. So, tah-dah, here’s our urban cottage bathroom:

The most exciting change is that we’ve decided to replace the tiny shower we have now with an old-fashioned clawfoot tub and shower attachment. Right now we have a bathtub in the downstairs bathroom and a shower upstairs, but we think it makes way more sense to switch those. Plus, a clawfoot tub allows us to use the existing plumbing, doesn’t require (super expensive) tiling like an installed tub, can easily be put in front of the window without having to worry about the window trim, and is historically appropriate to our home. And they’re cute! Pretty much it’s a no-brainer.

Do you remember the cabinet we have next to our vanity now, with the doors that look like shutters?

I’ve had this cabinet my whole life, and it just happens to perfectly match the shutter details on our built in cabinet and door, which is our inspiration for this renovation.

That cabinet is going to be converted into our new vanity. We’re going to make it a little wider with some additional shelves, paint it bright white, and add a vessel sink and counter on top. Stay tuned for that DIY project when we start it!

Our plans also call for white beadboard on the walls and light grey carrera marble floor tiles, pale aqua walls, a ruffly shower curtain, and touches of glass and chrome. It sounds so pretty — our very own peaceful cottage vacation right in our own house in the city.

sources: 2″ carerra marble hex from The Tile Shop; ruffled shower curtain from Pottery Barn

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