Inspiration: Modern Tropical

Inspiration: Modern Tropical

Well, sometimes days just slip past you. I didn’t intend on skipping a post Monday but we spent all weekend working on our chair for the Cleveland Home + Garden Show (LOVING how it’s turning out). We also ordered the floor for our new kitchen, yay! We’ll tell you more about both of those things coming up soon.

In the meantime, I just have to say …

I am officially OBSESSED with this:

(via Poppytalk)

AH! The pink chair. The flamingo. Those awesome ladies on the table. That amazing light fixture. Did I mention the flamingo?? And the pink chair?? You KNOW I have a thing for pink chairs. And we already have a pink flamingo in our back yard. This kooky space is everything I’m into right now with the super white walls, bright pops of color and a nod towards the tropical without going tooooo over the top … or at least not too over the top in my opinion (we’ll see what Andy has to say about it, but he did give me the go ahead to put a pineapple pillow on our couch — also here). This room’s got character and humor and it’s just so much fun.

The tropical theme is a style that I’ve returned to over and over since I’ve been decorating my own spaces. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived my whole life in the coldest places (Alaska, Michigan, Canada, Cleveland), so give me a kitschy palm tree, some ocean blue, a piece of rattan furniture, and I’m really happy. Let’s take a look at some other rooms that incorporate that tropical vibe in modern ways.

(via Inside Out Magazine)

(via Trendland — these colors, wow!!)

(via Apartment Therapy)

(via The Glitter Guide)

(via Design Sponge)

I like when the pattern and color is set on a mostly white or minimal background, to make it less kooky crazy. What do you think of the tropical look? It’s not really very “I live in Ohio,” but maybe that’s the whole point, ha.

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