Smitten with: Ann-Marie Loves Paper

Smitten with: Ann-Marie Loves Paper

I love rubber stamps. I love the variations in ink and how every time you use the same stamp, it can look completely different. Plus, it just feels so official when you get to put a stamp on something! The Etsy shop Ann-Marie Loves Paper has some really fun stamps, and I kinda want every single one.

Do you have a favorite? Right now mine is “ready for adventure,” because I am so ready for my own adventure. Tomorrow I’m heading up to Toronto for the weekend to take Blogshop and I am super excited. Be prepared to hear me talk about it for a while.

Ann-Marie also has a really cute blog, that you should check out. I just discovered it this morning and think I might know what I’ll be looking at the rest of the day… um, I mean, I’ll totally be working very hard.

{ all photos by Ann-Marie Loves Paper }

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