The Weather in South Carolina

The Weather in South Carolina

This vacation has been great so far, regardless of whatever weather is happening, but we have seem some pretty wild extremes in the past few days. Driving down on Saturday morning, we could tell that we were in for at least a day or two of grey skies. The first day we were here was not only grey and rainy, it was incredibly windy.

We all took photos on our back deck, facing the wind. Kerry’s ended up being my favorite, and probably the most telling. Not only is her hair being blown around, but she also had to brace herself against the storm. It was pretty crazy how hard the wind was blowing. Regardless of weather, though, a day relaxing with family is always enjoyable. So we didn’t need the weather to be perfect to still have a great time.

Sunday was sort of more of the same. Crazy winds and grey skies. But Monday the weather turned around. Kerry woke up and said, “Do you see that?! I think it’s the sun!” We opened our windows and sure enough, the sun was up and the ocean looked beautiful. As we walked down stairs and onto the porch, we saw that beach chairs were already arranged and Monday was destined to be a day of beach lounging.

We spent the day alternating between sitting in lawn chairs, walking up and down the beach, and putting our feet in the ocean. The water is still a little too cold to go swimming, but hey, our number one goal of this trip was to spend a week relaxing, and I think so far, the vacation can be considered a success.

Although I won’t complain if the sun wants to peek out just a little bit more.

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