Painting Vinyl Siding: Our House Is Done!

Painting Vinyl Siding: Our House Is Done!

Our house is painted and it feels brand new! We’ve loved our home for the two years we’ve lived here — on the inside — but every time we’d pull in the driveway and see the boring tan siding and dated green trim, we’d secretly cringe. With its new coat of paint, now the house is light and bright and modern, and there’s nothing to cringe about anymore! (Except maybe the landscaping, but that’s another problem for another day!)

Big difference, right?! Our house fast-forwarded 30 years with just 10 days of work!

If you’ve been following along, you’ll remember that we initially didn’t think our house could be painted because it has vinyl siding. We had read horror stories of painting vinyl siding only to have it buckle in the heat or the paint peels right off. But we found out that there are now paint formulas specifically made for vinyl siding, from both Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore, which means you should no longer have to worry about your siding buckling or your paint peeling like you did in the past.

So we asked for your help choosing paint colors and then asked for your help again when we still couldn’t decide — it’s HARD you guys! Then we finally made a decision … or thought we did. Because then we learned more than we ever wanted to know about artillery fungus and had to pick another new color. It all turned out for the best, though, because now our house is fungus free, cringe free, and we love, love, love how it looks. Have you ever painted something only to think, it feels like this color belongs here, like it was meant to be here all along? That’s how our house feels to us now.

We ultimately went with Uncertain Gray on the vinyl siding; Extra White on the brick, trim and garage door; and Grays Harbor on the shutters — all from Sherwin-Williams. Once that was done, we loved the color we already had on the front door –Valspar Beach Sparkle. It’s so fun and cheerful with the white and grey.

I also love how our existing black mailbox (DIY project) and light fixture look with the white brick and turquoise door. The new flamingo doormat is also super fun — and so on brand!

We can see our front door from our living room couch, and it’s my absolute favorite view now that it’s so bright and cheerful instead of depressing!

We also replaced the light above the garage door. It is downright impossible to find a cute, affordable outdoor ceiling fixture that is less than 8 inches in diameter to fit that little spot above the garage door. This white cylinder is not gorgeous, but I like that it gets the job done without drawing attention to itself.

I should become an outdoor lighting designer since, ugh, most of the options are just so bad.

The final key in completing our modern update was replacing our old house numbers with floating numbers in black. It made a surprisingly big impact, and we love how the new numbers look. (Expect a tutorial soon!)

We are SO HAPPY with our updated house, from the paint to the small changes we made to increase our home’s curb appeal. Our home now feels modern, fresh and clean, while still being approachable and, well, downright cute!

What do you think? Are you inspired to paint your house?! (If you’re local, we will happily pass along the info for our painter, who was awesome, so just let us know!!)

Vinyl siding paint color: Sherwin-Williams Uncertain Gray (SW 6234)
Brick, trim, garage door paint color: Sherwin-Williams Extra White (SW 7006)
Shutters paint color: Sherwin-Williams Grays Harbor (SW 6236)
Front door paint color: Valspar Beach Sparkle (5004-9C)
Black outdoor light fixtures, Home Depot
White outdoor light fixture, Home Depot
Black 5-inch house numbers, Lowe’s
Flamingo doormat, Target

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