Our kitchen is DONE!

Our kitchen is DONE!

Ok. That’s it. We are officially declaring our kitchen renovation done.



If you’re new around here, you may want to start with this post from January that will give you a quick recap of what we did, where we started, and, of course, show you some before pictures.

At that time we said we had three more projects to do before we could really consider the kitchen done: building open shelves for next to the chimney, reworking the kitchen island to match the new cabinets, and adding curtains. It only took us, oh, 3+ months since then, but now we’re all done done done!!

I know you just want to see the pictures!!

Our island is on wheels, which is awesome in a small kitchen.

In this view you can see the pantry on the right with the Billy bookcase project that we put on hold to finish the kitchen, and on the left is the hallway that leads to the rest of the house. We painted all of these spaces the same color, which really helps to open things up and make it more unified.

When we put the last shelf up the other day, I actually got tears in my eyes. We thought about/dreamed about/talked about/planned this room for soooo long, so to see it all real and done and ours is just AMAZING.

We will have a lot more info about the open shelves that we made ourselves, the kitchen island, and the super simple curtains in the next few days.

And since there’s nothing more fun than a good before and after, here you go!

Hardly looks like the same room, right?!

Let us know what you think!

— Kerry

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