What to do all day

What to do all day

I’m finding that the hardest part of not going to a job every day is figuring out what to do with my time. I have a million and a half things I want to do, from projects around the house, to antique shops I want to visit, and even exercising. There’s certainly no lack of things to do and no lack of time to do it, but the last two days I keep finding myself just sort of wandering from room to room or aimlessly watching things on Netflix (but “Orange is the New Black” is so good, right?)

Since last week was SO crazy hectic with construction, and me priming and painting the dining room, and then rearranging all the furniture and planning a party and having a houseguest… I consider this my first real week of freedom. I probably deserve a little break to do a bit of nothing. But I can’t (and don’t want to) use that excuse for long.

The key for me will be to make a plan ahead of time. I want to start thinking about which projects I want to work on first and when I want to do them. Then I will also factor in time to catch up on blog reading, time to write blog posts, and time on the treadmill. And since I’m my own boss, if I want to skip my whole list and watch Netflix every once in a while, I can do that too!

Any other housewives out there have any advice for me?

(This photo has nothing to do with anything, other than I put out some Thanksgiving decorations this morning. You can also see a little sneak peek of the new dining room color! More on that soon!)

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