Pink + Red Forever

Pink + Red Forever

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? I love it! I know, I know, go ahead and roll your eyes if you want. It’s all mush and love and hearts and then there’s the whole pressure of having a “valentine” and buying chocolates and roses and a fancy dinner out…. But I don’t care about that, just give me ALL THE PINK AND RED FOREVER!

It’s definitely the holiday with the best color palette, and it comes at just the right time when it’s so grey and gross outside that a dash of pink and red is a perfect moodbooster. I dressed up our house a bit for my almost-favorite holiday and thought I’d show you around.

I added all the pink and red things I could find around the house (shopping our basement is my favorite!) and ended up with a bit of a pink champagne theme, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day — and every day — don’t you think?! The adorable kitchen towels are a new find from Home Goods that I absolutely couldn’t resist, and they really set the tone. The best part is none of this screams Valentine’s Day necessarily, so I’ll be able to keep it up indefinitely. Maybe even forever!

Here’s some cute ways to add a little bit of red and pink to your own life!

stainless steel wine glass | color-blocked pillow | hand towels
beach bombshells art print | Vans | bar tools | faux fur jacket
iPhone case | framed print | cookbook

I want so many of these things for myself… those shoes, you guys!! And I’ve had my eye on that “beach bombshell” print — don’t you think it would be so cute in Joey’s room or maybe even the cabin? I also wish that Kate Spade iPhone case came in my size because it’s adorable.

So funny story: this year I told Andy not to get me any flowers or gifts… All I want for Valentine’s Day is a SICK DAY! Not even kidding. I want a day to do absolutely nothing. He’s taken a couple of sick days off work this year, and I know he was legit feeling awful which of course is no fun, but I’ve gotta admit I was a little jealous of him being able to call off from work and sit on the couch all day, while I took care of the kids. I mean, there’s no calling off from being a stay-at-home mom, and I want a day off too, haha!

What do you want for Valentine’s Day?

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