Something happy

Something happy

While our hearts are all breaking after what happened in Boston yesterday, I just want to take a break from the news and sadness and look at something happy. Here’s a few random photos from recently that make me smile. Sometimes the blurriest photos are filled with the best memories. ♥♥♥

Andy holding a baby for the first time! Isn’t Brady the cutest ever?!

First bloom of spring.

We had a craving for s’mores but our grocery store didn’t have marshmallows OR graham crackers. We made cookies and milk instead! Sometimes you just need chocolate.

Me and Mocha.

We had big ideas to make margaritas at home, but they were gross. So we drank mimosas in margarita glasses.

We had a birthday party for Trixie and Mocha, and Mocha *freaked out* for her new catnip mouse. It’s so funny because she usually never plays with toys.

Andy and I try to meet for burritos on Monday nights because I work late. It’s our one chance to see each other before I go back to work and he goes to bed. I love this picture we took after burritos in front of the bike shop next door.

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