Souper Bowl: The Best Tomato Soup Recipe

Souper Bowl: The Best Tomato Soup Recipe

Oh, so punny! When I told Andy I had an idea to write a post called “Souper Bowl” this week all about my favorite soup recipe, he was so embarrassed for me. Which just made me think it was funnier! Hahaha. So here we all are, celebrating Souper Bowl, whether he likes it or not!

So the thing is, I’m not generally much of a soup person. I find most soups kind of boring and they never fill me up. But then I recently saw an episode of The Pioneer Woman on Food Network where she made tomato soup with parmesan croutons. It looked sooo good. Plus, it’s ready in 30 minutes, which makes it a perfect weeknight dinner.

I decided to make it right away and LOVED it. With carrots, onions and basil along with whole tomatoes, it’s fresh and light, but totally satisfying. Seriously, it’s just so good.

We made this soup last week and and are already planning it again for this week. That’s how good it is. Instead of parmesan croutons, we like it with nice, crusty grilled cheese sandwiches. Classic, quick AND easy! We halved the recipe and I still was able to have soup for lunch for at least three days after. This would be a great recipe to make a big batch of and freeze.

Check out the full recipe on The Pioneer Woman and try it yourself. If you do, let us know what you think!

Do you have a soup recipe you love? Do you ever find yourself in a menu slump and feel like you’re making the same 4 things over and over? We have our staples (um, hello tacos), but it’s fun to try new things! I’m thinking of starting a new series, “recipes we’ve tried and liked.” Almost every week we try a new recipe that we found on Pinterest, in a magazine, on The Food Network, etc., and some of them we end up loving. Others, not so much. Maybe it would be fun for you to see some of the ones that have worked for us, to get new ideas for your own menus, because it’s no fun to eat the same things every night, right?! (Well, sometimes it is when they’re as good as this soup!) What do you think?

Image by The Pioneer Woman.

(P.S. Go Seahawks! Since I grew up in Alaska, Seattle was sort of my second hometown. We visited a lot and it was a huge part of my childhood. My parents actually planned on moving there for years until somehow we ended up in Michigan instead. Who are you rooting for?)

— Kerry

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