Summer of the Burrito: Belly

Summer of the Burrito: Belly

For years I’ve really wanted to get a tattoo across my belly that says “BURRITO.” In fact, when Kerry and I started dating, I told her about it and she loved it! I think it was one of the things that convinced her I was worth her time. Of course, as soon as we got serious, it turned out she did NOT want me to get that tattoo. She didn’t even want to hear about how I wanted the “I” to be a picture of a burrito.

Instead of the tattoo she did the next best thing: she made a t-shirt with the word “BURRITO” across the belly. But not just because it’s awesome.

Kerry is pregnant! (And she had just eaten a burrito before this picture.) But instead of trying to convince everyone that Kerry is just really full, we’re happy to finally reveal that we are having a little girl in January!

I guess it’s Burritos and Sparkling Grape Juice for the next six months.

We’re super excited to add this new girl to our family and have a new little blogger helping us with all our projects. Thanks for reading everyone, and have a great weekend!

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