Surprise! we have a new front yard

Surprise! we have a new front yard

If you follow me on instagram (@hellokerryb), you may have seen the picture I posted on Monday of the absolute shock I got when I pulled up to my house after work to find that my entire front yard had been cleared out. It was kind of like being robbed… but in the most awesome way.


Our landscapers had told us a couple of weeks ago that they were really backed up due to the never-ending rain, but they were hoping to get to our house on July 8. When the rain still didn’t stop (it has literally rained every day for two weeks according to the local news this morning) AND when we didn’t hear from them, we figured there was NO WAY they’d be coming out. But then I came home to find this! A pile of dirt — gloriously empty dirt — where our front yard used to be!

Our front yard was embarrassing. Like, avert your eyes when you pull in the driveway, don’t make eye contact with the neighbors kind of embarrassing. It was so overgrown we couldn’t even walk into it. And while we stood helplessly by, it just.kept.growing. Here is our front yard before (ugh this is embarrassing!):

For about three days in May it looked like this, which was … better?… ish?

At least it was more colorful.

And when I got home from work on Tuesday, it looked like this:

Holy Moly Hallelujah! That is WAY better!!

I was debating whether my favorite part is the stepping stones, which the landscapers said they had left over from a previous job and thought would work well at our house (for no additional charge!) or the pink flowers. But I decided my absolute favorite part is that it looks like this is a house that people truly care about.

And in case you needed a reminder. Here’s one more before-and-after, side-by-side comparison:

I also love that we were able to keep the tree, which I always thought was the one nice thing about our front yard before. And you can actually see it.

Now that we have a good foundation to work with, I think it will be a lot easier for us to maintain going forward, instead of starting with an already losing battle. This is a front yard we can show off with pride — no more hiding from our neighbors — and we’ll take better care of it because of that.

I wish we would have done this years ago!!

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