Surprise! More birthday partying!

Surprise! More birthday partying!

That Kerry, she is a sneaky one.

On Thursday of last week she had asked if I wanted to go out to dinner with our buddies on Saturday to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Villa y Zapata. I of course said yes. The Ecto-Cooler colored margaritas at this place cannot be topped, so I will never pass up an opportunity to have dinner there. We went, everything was delicious, and before leaving, Bill asked if we wanted to swing by Hoopples, a local bar, for another beer since it was still early. Kerry said she would (which surprised me as she had already consumed more margaritas than usual), so I was on board.

And when I walked in to Hoopples, there was a surprise party waiting for me! Kerry had organized a little get together — not too big, which was perfect — and some of my closest friends came out. It was really special. After they all yelled, “SURPRISE!” I seriously couldn’t stop smiling for about 10 minutes. I had no idea this was coming, and I was so happy so see my friends.

I did not know that Kerry was so adept at surprise party planning. She better watch out, because she’s getting some payback.

*A little bar bowling with Patrick. I think he let me win.*

*Usually that face I’m making means, “time to leave.”*

*Oh, wait, nope, that’s the “time to leave” face. Best wife ever.*

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